Demonstration Projects

Demonstration projects are short term, low cost, temporary roadway projects to promote and advance walking. Many projects can be demonstration projects, such as crosswalk markings, curb extensions, and median safety islands. Long term changes use more durable materials, such as new concrete curb. In the short term, demonstration projects use low cost and easily available materials to quickly enhance a street and/or intersection.

Cyclists crossing a street with a demonstration project with curb extensions installed

MnDOT is installing demonstration projects across Minnesota throughout the late summer/early fall of 2020. The map below shows the locations where the projects will be located.

MnDOT 2020 Demonstration Projects

Map of MnDOT Districts with Demonstration Projects

Demonstration Projects

A. Alexandria
B. Sauk Centre

C. Madison
D. Marshall
E. Windom
F. Blooming Prairie
G. HenningĀ 
H. St. Paul